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Transcranial magnetic stimulation may seem like a new treatment approach, but incorporating magnets into physical and mental health has been in practice for more than 100 years. The team at Antidote TMS in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers unparalleled skill with TMS tools and techniques and can help you find lasting relief from a wide range of conditions. Simply call or book an appointment online to get started.



What is TMS?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, is a conservative, noninvasive procedure that uses medical magnets to stimulate certain nerve cells in your brain. That stimulation may improve brain function and relieve symptoms of various mental health issues. 

Some of the issues that TMS can treat include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Postpartum depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

These are just some of the potential applications of transcranial magnetic stimulation. 

What are TMS sessions like?

When you come in for your session, your practitioner places an electromagnetic coil against a portion of your scalp near your forehead. There is no need for advance planning and no discomfort during treatment sessions. 

Once the treatment platform is activated, the magnetic coil produces pulses that work to stimulate nerve cells within your brain. Researchers are still trying to determine exactly how and why TMS improves brain function, but there is sufficient evidence of efficacy to lead the FDA to clear TMS for treating persistent depression. 

The risk of side effects is low, but when side effects do occur, they include:

  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Sensations of tingling, twitching, or spasms
  • Scalp discomfort in the area where the electromagnetic coil was positioned

You can take over-the-counter pain medication to offset side effects either before or after your sessions or ask for an adjustment in the level of stimulation. Serious side effects are rare. 

How can I prepare for my TMS sessions?

There is no significant preparation required for treating TMS. However, it is critical that you share the full details of your health history with your medical team prior to your appointment. 

Be sure to mention if you have any implanted devices like a pacemaker, deep brain stimulator, stents, electrodes, or any other metal implanted in your body. Also share if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. 

Bring in a full list of any medications or supplements you are taking and discuss any medical conditions for which you are being treated. 

The team at Antidote TMS goes to great lengths to provide access to the very best medical technology in the field. The CloudTMS treatment platform is just one example, while theta burst stimulation is also an option. Theta burst stimulation delivers short bursts at high frequencies that more closely mimic the rhythms of your natural brain activity. 

The practice also offers an innovative treatment coil that is far more comfortable than those designed in years past. The new coil is also highly effective. 

Technology is astounding, but it’s the people who really make a practice shine. The team at Antidote TMS shares a dedication to providing warm, personable care in a welcoming environment. 

If you’re searching for a treatment path that is natural and does not rely on drug therapy to achieve lasting results, you owe it to yourself to research TMS. Book an appointment for a consultation today online or over the phone.